5 tips for skin protection against the sun

Protecting your skin from the sun is very important. Some people love to go outside and enjoy the sun.  They want nothing more than to sit on a terrace or relax by the water. There is nothing wrong with that in itself, but make sure you treat your body wisely and with care and the amount of sunlight you are exposed to. Too much sun can not only lead to skin cancer, but also to an acceleration of the skin aging process. Nobody is waiting for both consequences. That is why we give you 5 tips so that you can enjoy the sun without any problems.

# 1. Use sunscreen creams, lotions or sprays .

It seems obvious, but to be well protected against the sun you need a good sunscreen. What mainly plays a role in this is the Sun Protection Factor (SPF). Light skin needs more protection than tinted skin. View our Laboratoires de biarritz sunscreen line here and protect your skin from the sun with these natural products!

 # 2. Get your skin used to the sun

Adults produce the substance melanin, which makes us tan. This is a kind of self-protection of the body, to prevent us from burning quickly. So we become brown instead. So do not sit in the sun for three hours at once, but build it up – depending on your skin sensitivity – with five to ten minutes on the first day. Then you also use a sunscreen. Increase this by five minutes at a time and give your skin the chance to unwind every now and then. Does the skin turn red? Then go straight out of the sun. This is a sign that you are burning.

 # 3. Choose protective clothing

Do you think you are safe from the sun with a t-shirt or jeans? Then you are wrong. Even with clothes on you can burn and damage the sun. Clothing that is airy and has light colors will ensure that the UV rays penetrate through your clothes faster than dark, dense clothing. In that case, you can opt for clothing with UV filters, which can largely protect you against the bright rays of the sun.

# 4. Cool off with after sun.

After sunbathing, the skin may be red from the sun and feel tight. An after sun lotion moisturizes, soothes and cools your skin, making you feel comfortable in your skin again quickly. Also use after sun when you are burned. By keeping the skin greasy and supple, you prevent a lot of misery when you get bored.

# 5. Children need extra protection against the sun

As mentioned, adults produce the protective melanin. However, small children do not make this substance as easily as adults. That is the reason that they burn much easier and do not brown as quickly as we do. So make sure that they are extra well protected against the sun. A big burn is not only very pathetic for children, but can also provide lasting sensitivity to the sun for the rest of his / her life. Research has even shown that children who were burned more than three times in their childhood are five times more likely to develop skin cancer in later life than children who are well protected against the sun. Click here the Laboratoires de Biarritz sunscreen especially for kids!

 Terribly burned or heatstroke?

Have you been burned so much that you have blisters left? Then go directly to the doctor! If you have sat in the sun for so long that you feel sick and have a headache, those are the first signs of heat stroke. Also in this case it is wise to go to the doctor right away!

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